Russian Energy Week to feature discussion of advanced power industry technologies


The Russian Ministry of Energy has published a ‘Concept for the Development of the Market for Electricity Storage Systems in the Russian Federation’.

2108 sohranenie yenergii 700The document aims to identify the priorities for the creation of a new high-tech branch of electricity storage systems in Russia.

According to the forecasts of power engineers, the following three areas offer the most promising options for the development of the domestic electricity market:

  • ‘Internet Energy’ (the use of electricity storage systems as part of distributed energy);
  • ‘New General Scheme" (the use of electricity storage systems as part of a large centralized energy system);
  • ‘Hydrogen Export’ (a revolutionary technology for accumulating electricity in the hydrogen cycle).

The document says that the global market for electricity storage systems will be worth USD 80 billion per year starting in 2025, the Russian market will be valued at USD 8 billion per year, and the planned economic effect less investment is projected to be USD 10 billion per year.

The issue of energy storage will be one of the discussion topics during Russian Energy Week. The forum will feature a roundtable on the topic ‘Energy storage – a revolution in the renewables sector?’ during which experts will discuss the implementation of the Concept, among other things.