Waiboer Jan Dirk

Senior Partner and Managing Director of BCG Moscow


Jan Dirk Waiboer started his career in the BCG Munich office in 1996. From 2001 to 2004, he worked in the BCG Prague office, carrying out projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. For the next five year, Waiboer worked in the company's Amsterdam office, and since 2009, has worked in Moscow.

His primarily focuses on asset-intensive industries, including chemicals, petrochemicals and energy, where projects in the areas of strategy and operations have been realized. Among his clients are leading transport and logistics operators, including ports and airlines, postal operators, Telecom operators and ICT companies, where projects were carried out to improve operating performance.

From 1994 to 1996, before joining BCG, Waiboer served as regional director in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the Hunter Douglas company, an international organization who specialize in manufacturing building supplies.

Waiboer has an MBA from Nyenrode University in the Netherlands. He speaks several languages, including Russian.