Igor Balk

CEO of Global Innovation Labs, member of the Expert Council of Skolkovo Innovation Center


Training under a doctoral program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master degree obtained at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Apart from work for Global Innovation Labs, he currently occupies the position of Chief Executive Officer of TDC LLC, the company that created Task Point system.

Prior to Task Point and Global Innovation Labs – co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Unison Technologies.

Key positions in R3 Logic, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Intermedia.NET and Intellisense (purchased by Corning corporation as evaluated at USD 750 mln), co-founder of VISO, the company that created the first online supermarket.

During the recent 10 years – member of the DTIP MEMS/MOEMS Conference Program Committee.

Author of multiple research works and patents, member of the Expert Council of Skolkovo IT cluster.