Kirill Molodtsov

Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation


“Energy saving in the process of hydrocarbon production, transportation, and processing is constantly in the focus of attention of oil and gas companies’ management in Russia. The Russian Ministry of Energy creates the necessary conditions for the application of innovative technologies and the modernization of the oil and gas industry in order to reduce energy intensity.”


Born in Leningrad on March 14, 1968.

Lawyer, international economist.

He graduated from the Academy of Finance under the Government of the Russian Federation and the Academy of Foreign Trade.

From 1998, he worked in the gas industry and gas processing.

In 2002–2004, he was the Director of the Investment and Project Management Department of Sibur Holding, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tver-based Sibur-PETF and a member of the Board of Directors of Omskshina.

In 2006–2008, he was the Eastern Siberia-GAZ Project Manager (Kovykta gas condensate field in the Irkutsk Region)

In 2008–2010, he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Centre Main All-Region Construction Administration (a Moscow-based building company).

From 2010 to 2012, he was a Deputy Chief Executive Director and, then, the Vice President for Feasibility Studies and Coordination of Phases II and III at Shtokman Development AG.


Organizing and coordinating the exercise of the Ministry’s powers in the following areas:

  • in the oil production, oil processing, gas production, gas processing, gas chemical, and petrochemical industries; main pipelines for oil, gas, and refined products, including specific affairs:
  • development of hydrocarbon deposits under production sharing agreements.

Coordinating and supervising the activities of the following divisions of the Ministry:

  • Department for Oil and Gas Production and Transportation;
  • Department for Oil and Gas Processing.