Welcome Message from A. Yu. Inyutsyn

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to welcome you at the 2nd International Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving ENES 2013and the Specialized Salon on Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuel REenergy 2013!

In recent years, energy efficiency principles have become the basis for government policy in the energy sector. At present, a primary objective of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation is to implement the federal program on “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Enhancement for the Period Until 2020” adopted in 2011.

The current period is characterized by the intense improvement of the government regulatory system, methodological and regulatory frameworks, which will allow fine-tuning the system of energy efficiency and reasonable resource consumption nationwide. It is very important that in accomplishing such a challenging objective the government receives assistance from the professional community, represented by the industry practitioners and experts, which, for example, was involved in developing the plan of action for energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement approved in September 2012.

Our global objectives are to ease dependence on the current status of the international energy resource markets. Obviously, this can be achieved, so that the plans for ensuring economic growth are implemented simultaneously, primarily by introducing state-of-the-art effective technologies using international best practices in energy efficiency. Not long ago I met with the ambassador of the Republic of Iceland to discuss the possibility of implementing unique Iceland’s technologies in geothermal energy and energy efficiency in Russia, specifically in the Krasnodar and Kamchatka Territories.

These are future objectives and a critical development vector.

The ENES 2013 and REenergy 2013 exhibitions are a perfect platform to shape common ideas and to work productively!

A. Yu. Inyutsyn,

Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation