LLC “Center of Energy Effectiveness INTER EAO UES”
CJSC “Schneider Electric”
OJSC “MUEC” (Moscow Unified Energy Company) is a leading infrastructure company of the Russian capital, which provides heating and hot water to a number of Moscow and cities of Moscow region. The company’s activities cover the production, transport, distribution and sale of heat energy as well as generation of electricity. The company provides uninterrupted heat supply to 12 million inhabitants of Moscow, being the operator of the longest heat energy systems in the world. The company operates more than 16 thousand km of heat networks. The company serves 227 thermal stations with a total capacity of 17 529.2 Hcal/h and 8 electric power generation facilities.
MUEC is working on the construction of an optimal model of heat supply of the capital, focused on the long-term reliability, transparent access to infrastructure and lower the rate growth for the consumer. The Company’s initiatives affect the tariff mechanisms, optimization of thermal sources load, the introduction of state support for energy efficiency, the use of new technologies, and reduction of burden on environment. A particular attention is paid to the problems of increasing energy efficiency of heat supply, as well as the introduction of energy-saving technology.
OJSC “United Energy Company” is engaged in the development, maintenance and reconstruction of city-owned electrical networks, provides transmission and distribution of electricity, provides technological connection of consumers, and is building new networks. The property complex of UnEC has 10 feeding centers (with the capacity of 3452 MVA), 2583 transformer substations and over 10000 km of cable lines, representing about 20% of the power grid in Moscow. To date, the customers of the company are approximately 15000 entities and more than 1.3 million individuals living in apartment buildings and private houses.
OJSC "Mosenergo"
OJSC “Mosenergo” is the largest territorial generating company in the Russian Federation, which includes 15 power plants with the set electrical capacity of 12.3 HW and heat capacity of 35 Hcal/h. The company produces about 6 % of the total electricity generated in the Russian Federation (including nuclear power), and is a major producer of electricity and heat for the Moscow region, uniting two subjects of the Russian Federation - Moscow and Moscow region. Mosenergo supplies about 66 % of the total electricity and 43 % of the thermal energy in the Moscow region. The share of Mosenergo in heat supply to the city of Moscow is 69 %. The controlling shareholder of Mosenergo is OJSC “Gazprom Energoholding” (100 per cent subsidiary of OJSC “Gazprom”).
Today, OJSC “Mosgaz” is one of the largest gas-supply companies in the world and the largest Russian gas-supply company. The scope of services of OJSC “Mosgaz” covers almost all areas related to gas supply in Moscow: operation, reconstruction, repair of gas facilities of the capital city, and many others. Smooth operation of the capital city gas facilities ensures more than 4800 employees.
OJSC “Mosvodocanal”
Mosvodokanal is the biggest company in Russia ad provides for water and wastewater treatment services for over 13 million citizens of the Moscow metropolitan area.
Mosvodokanal is an effective industrial complex for production of potable water and wastewater treatment. It has a well-developed infrastructure including scores of pumping stations, wastewater treatment facilities and a network of water distribution pipelines.
Mosvodokanal’s mission is to make its own services affordable for the consumers and to achieve a higher grade of life quality of the Moscovites to the implementation of modern and environment friendly technologies.
AltEnergo B03
Ars Term C18
Avelar Solar Technology C13
Belgorod region B03
Bolid C18
Dalva consulting E04
Danfoss D07
Department of urban planning policy of Moscow D11
Dizel E14
Doranova E19
East administrative district of Moscow B02
EnergoAlliance E06
Energy projects E05
Exhibition Center of the RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) E18
Fortum E17
Grappl C18
IDGC of Centre C19
INTER EAO UES, Center of Energy Effectiveness D02
INTER RAO UES, Fund Energy without borders E15
Irkutsk region B01
Istok D08
Kaluga region C14
Krasnoyarsk Area C05
Leningrad Region D08
Lipetsk region D10
Ministry of energy of Russian Federation Е15
Ministry of energy. Innovations E15
Moscollector E09
Moscow city Government С01
Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) E16
Mosenergo E07
Mosgaz E08
Mossvet E12
Mosvodocanal D06
Murmansk region C15
Novosibirsk region C18
PIK Group D11
Pskov region C11
Qundis E13
Republic of Altai C13
Republic of Khakassia C17
Republic Of Tatarstan C04
RiMtechenergo C18
Russian Railways D09
Saratov region C09
Saturn Gas Turbines C12
Sberenergodevelopment D04
Schneider Electric C02
Severstal D15
SMIT-Yartsevo C10
Smolensk region C10
Tambov region C16
Teploenergomontazh D08
Thermoland C18
Tomsk region C06
Transneft C08
True dreams B04
United Energy Company D05
VIEnergo E02
VILED Svetotronika D08
Yaroslavl region C12